80% of homeowners' filter purchases are made on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays — 40% buy their filters on Saturday morning.

Where do your customers buy their filters when you're closed?

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Online-Access, Inc. has been proudly serving HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors since 2001. We pride ourselves in providing top-knotch HVAC Solutions such from our PagePilot Website & E-Commerce System to Cable TV Commercials, Warranty Stickers and Anti-Theft Labels. Right now, Over 300 Contractors already prefer PagePilot to the "other guys." Why not you too?

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PagePilot's Online E-Commerce Contractor Website Stores

Strengthening the Contractor and Wholesaler Relationship

Click to view screen shot full sizeOnline-Access' PagePilot E-Commerce System lets any licensed contractor easily and quickly create an e-commerce store in their website to sell filters, UV bulbs, and other replacement items in less than one hour. The system can be used with any website—even if the website is not provided by Online-Access.

The system totally automates the pricing and product fulfillment by partnering with HVAC wholesalers to provide these services. The PagePilot E-Commerce System is available at no charge to any HVAC Wholesaler that wants to provide this service to its contractors.

Included in our E-Commerce System is a fully automated reminder system that will automatically remind homeowners on an ongoing basis when they should check their filter (or UV bulb, etc.) as well as provide a direct link to the product showing only the model and size they require. Each reminder that goes out also includes a global marketing message the contractor can update and customize to ‘touch’ his customers as well as educate them about all the services and products he sells.

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