80% of homeowners' filter purchases are made on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays — 40% buy their filters on Saturday morning.

Where do your customers buy their filters when you're closed?

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Online-Access, Inc. has been proudly serving HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors since 2001. We pride ourselves in providing top-knotch HVAC Solutions such from our PagePilot Website & E-Commerce System to Cable TV Commercials, Warranty Stickers and Anti-Theft Labels. Right now, Over 300 Contractors already prefer PagePilot to the "other guys." Why not you too?

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What Makes PagePilot's
E-Commerce System Special

  • Unlike other E-Commerce systems that require weeks to build your product base and to set up, the PagePilot E-Commerce System takes relatively no time to set up and implement.
  • Only PagePilot's E-Commerce System automates the entire maintenance of a store relieving the contractor of the burden of shipping, stocking and maintaining prices.
  • PagePilot's E-Commerce System requires no special software—everything is done online.
  • Contractors bear no privacy or security burdens since PayPal handles all the financial information and liability.
  • You have the ability to sell your customers a broad selection of products without having to stock them.
  • PagePilot offers the only e-commerce system with a built-in reminder system—complete with the ability to reward your customer with a pre-set special discount to stay engaged.
  • We provide the ability to import your customer data into our reminder system so you can simply choose any existing customer to receive reminders without re-entering their basic contact information.
  • A complete data entry service is available to input customer reminders for contractors who don’t have the staff available to do it themselves.
  • PagePilot's E-Commerce System handles the information flow required to work with multiple vendors and products seamlessly.
  • You have access to outstanding 'live' customer service...people who not only understand and speak “HVAC Contracting”… but English as well.
  • Our full-time programming staff is always improving and developing our system based on feedback from our own HVAC company that of our clients.

PagePilot's E-Commerce System

Product Overview

Online-Access has designed and developed a system that lets any contractor (even those with websites not provided by Online-Access) easily and quickly install an E-Commerce store in your website to profitably sell filters, pads, UV bulbs and more to your customers.
Now, not only can you put an E-Commerce store in his website in less than Click image to view screenshot full size an hour, the system totally automates the pricing and product fulfillment because it partners with HVAC wholesalers throughout the country to provide product pricing and shipping fulfillment. In fact, our system will work with any distributor/wholesaler in our industry that wants to provide this service to their contractors—at no cost to the wholesaler.
Included in our E-Commerce system is a fully automated reminder system that, once set up, will automatically remind the homeowner on an ongoing basis when they should check or replace their filter (or humidifier pad / UV bulb) as well as provide a direct link to the product that will show only the exact model and size they require. Each reminder that goes out also includes a global marketing message you can update and use to educate your customers about all the services and products you sells.

What You Can Expect

When you use our Contractor E-Commerce System, building your store is as easy as simply selecting the products you want to offer through your site from a participating PagePilot wholesaler with whom you establish an account. Once the products are selected, the you simply enter the mark-up you want and import them into your E-store already priced and ready to sell.
Click image to view screenshot full sizeWhen your customer places an order, the system uses UPS to calculate the shipping direct from the supplier whose product is being purchased to the customer’s home. Next, all the information is passed on to PayPal where the customer pays for the product and shipping. PayPal credits the money to your account and notifies you that a transaction has occurred. At the same time, PagePilot emails you a completed purchase order made out to the wholesaler for the product, as well as a packing slip with your company's information on it for the wholesaler to include with the shipping.
Once you receive the email that a sale has been made, you only have to print the two documents, assign a PO number to the purchase order, and then fax both documents to the wholesaler to fulfill the order for that product. That’s all the effort it takes for you to fulfill your customer’s order that he has already been paid for—the wholesaler does the rest. Once the wholesaler ships the product you will then be billed by the wholesaler for the product and its shipping cost through the wholesalers normal invoice procedure.
The new PagePilot E-commerce System gives you the ability to sell online without having to stock product or ship it! You maintain control of the sale— and his customer –the entire time.
By choosing a wholesaler to fulfill orders--instead of doing it yourself, the ongoing maintenance of the store is completely automated! Should the distributor’s cost of a product sold by the contractor change, the selling price displayed in the store for that product will instantly and automatically update based on the markup the contractor has assigned to it.

Current Status

Currently, we are online and live with our e-commerce system with our website clients and select HVAC wholesalers where we have been quietly testing the system since August of 2008. In March, we opened enrollment to other wholesalers based on our PagePilot client referrals & invitations. We are now working with new wholesalers every month who are being brought to us by our PagePilot customers.
Click to view a video explanation of the PagePilot HVAC E-Commerce System.