80% of homeowners' filter purchases are made on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays — 40% buy their filters on Saturday morning.

Where do your customers buy their filters when you're closed?

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Webmaster E-Commerce FAQs

What are the options for showing the store?

Option 1 – We provide a link that you can pull in to an iframe on an existing page of the site.
Option 2 – We provide a link that you can place on the site which will open the store in a new window.

Do I need to create a subdomain?

Only if you want to. We will create a subdomain (theircompanyname.estores4hvac.com) on our system for the customer. However, if you chose to create your own subdomain, please point it to:

DNS Server 1: CPD-MI-01.cpdevelopments.com
DNS Server 2: CPD-MI-02.cpdevelopments.com
If using your own subdomain, you can either notify us of the subdomain your customer will be using (call 1-888-966-4785 x1) or your customer can enter the subdomain directly into Domain Manager under their PagePilot login. Your customer can activate their Online Store when ready by enabling the domain in Domain Manager.

Can I customize the look of the store if I have it open in a new window?

Not at this time. We do have templates in several different colors. If none of these color schemes work with your existing site, we can color one for you if you send up the hex colors you would like to use.

Can my customer’s logo be added to the template?

The customer can upload and set their logo to display in the store through the PagePilot system.

Can I customize the look of the shopping cart?

Not at this time.

Who maintains the store?

The store is maintained by the customer using the PagePilot system.

Will I have to provide support for the store?

No, support is provided by Online-Access.